Moving to a New Boarding House

We moved in to another house and it’s a bit uncomfortable here. The room is so small and we’ve got a lot of stuff. Also, there’s no fan so it’s really hot. We have a ceiling fan but there’s nowhere to put it. If I’ll make a boarding house in the future, I’d keep in mind to provide even a tiny ceiling fan in each room. The city is so hot and it’s hard to sleep without cool air.

Now, I wanna go home. I want to go right now if only I could do that. I think we’ll be moving out soon. I can feel it. It’s such a tiny place for two people. My room back home is even bigger than this.

But we did view it before we moved in. It looked okay when it was still empty but when we brought our things, it covered the floor and there’s still more. I wanted to throw away a lot of my stuff just by looking at it. I thought it was kind of challenging and wanted to see it as a sign that I should really get serious with minimalism. But now that I think about it, the room really is too small.

I feel disappointed and kind of guilty because I was the one who found it. I felt tired looking everywhere else and the place looked nice in the pictures. Well, to be fair, it is quite nice actually. The surrounding is quiet and the people here I think are nice too. The only problem is the space. The previous one we rented on was big enough for three people. And the price was lower than this one too. If it were all on me, I wouldn’t have left. But there was a reason we left so I can’t totally call this a bad decision.

It is disappointing though. I just wanna go home now. I want my room and the cool air in my hometown. I really can’t stand the city for long. I’ll give this house three months. If I can’t feel comfortable after that, I’ll leave. Maybe, I’ll just buy a motorcycle and go home everyday. I guess I could save that way much more. And that means less traffic. My only problem would be the rain.

Now, I feel really stressed out. I feel home sick. I hate the hot weather. I’m hating the fact that I have to work in the city because there aren’t any companies I can apply back home. And I also hate myself for being so bad at decisions.

I guess this is what my shirt was talking about. It sucks a bit. I wish I could get over it soon. And I wish my decisions only affect me alone so I wouldn’t feel so bad about dragging other people down with me.

I just hope I’ll be fine tomorrow. I really hope so. I’ll wake up very early tomorrow so I can avoid everyone.

Please be fine soon.

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