#KayodIT — journal of an IT student

My new blog: #KayodIT — journal of an IT student

At this moment, I am still in the process of setting up my website. I’ve bought my domain name kayodit.com last November 2016 but since I’m still experimenting with the whole web development thing, I kept on changing my theme and hosting. I also used my site to upload my own designed webpage. It was a mess. I didn’t really have a normal website.

For the last six months, all I did was try different hosting sites that are free so I can get myself familiar with connecting domains and hosts, and setting up WordPress site and tweaking a little with codes and stuff. So now, I think I’ve had about enough knowledge to actually start my blog and focus more on writing content.

I haven’t written in my blog much the pasts months. I was busy with school and didn’t have enough time for other things. Though I didn’t stop writing, I have stopped blogging. I just write privately. But then I thought, I really want to blog, to make others read what I thought about things. I want to share my experiences with others too. I believe that someone out there will benefit from it. Just like how other people’s experiences have taught me and made me realized so many things about life and about myself.

So this time, I’ve decided to give blogging my full attention. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Some things get in the way, but I realized that I should be doing what matters to me and never let the other things hold me back.

Next week, I’ll be going back to school which means I’ll have so much to write about and I’m really really excited. This year, I’ll be on third year, the so-called survival year for IT students. That’s what everyone says and I can’t wait to know what it actually means for those who have survived.

I have a feeling that this semester will be full of experiences and learnings. I can’t wait to share them with everyone at my new blog.

I’ll be moving to a new address “kayodit.com” I think I’ve done just enough of experimenting and I’m ready to get organized. At least, ready to try to be as organized and consistent as I can be.

I’ve changed my mind so many times and never really have a decent blog.  But now, I’m really sticking to it. It’s not complete yet. I’m not done designing the theme so if you go there right now, you’ll see the 2017 WordPress default theme.

But that will change next week, on June 17. I’ve set a date so I’d really do it. And I’m making it public to hold myself accountable. Actually, I wrote myself a future email through futureme.org that I’ll receieve on June 16. Haha. I have set a deadline for myself because I’m really bad at time management. This is me trying to be more responsible and being wise with my time.

I’m looking forward to the exciting things that I’ll face this academic year.

With my new website, which I designed myself, I’m more motivated to work harder to achieve my goals and dreams.

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