Time Flies So Fast

I feel as if I just got enrolled yesterday. Or maybe I just didn’t know half the names of my classmates. Well, that’s true. I’m bad at remembering names but seriously, time did fly real fast. We just had the midterm exams last week which obviously means we’re halfway to the end of the semester and the end of the year.

As I get older, years seem to get shorter too. It’s like we jumped to the eight month because I honesty don’t remember anything that should have consumed all the months that have passed. In ten days, it will be September. Did August even happen?

I guess this is what it means by “time waits for one”. It’s not like a clock that stops when it runs out of battery. Time does it’s job and doesn’t care about anything. Even our calendar at home couldn’t keep up.

I know I still have a long way to go. Two and a half year more before graduation. But I’m not really excited about it. Most would want to get out of school already but not me, at least I don’t feel it at this moment.

I think I’m not ready yet. In no time, the so-called big real world will be facing me eye to eye. But I’m not sure I can stare back with all the skills and knowledge I’ve got so far. I always feel like I need to learn more and more. Like there’s always so much more I don’t know and haven’t experienced. And I don’t have any idea when I’d stop feeling this way.

If I evaluate myself right now, I could tell I wouldn’t be able to handle the real world. Not yet. It excites me thinking how I would do on my own after college. But it also scares me knowing it is another place, a different one. It’s still somehow an unknown world to me.

And with time passing like a blink of an eye, I bet I’ll get there sooner than it should feel.

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