Back to School

There are times when I seem to lose all the motivation in my body. I wouldn’t want to do literally anything. Unless it’s sitting and staring at nothing.

Right now, I know I have to study. I have my notes in front of me and ten pages of questions I should have started answering yesterday. But my pen seemed too heavy. I felt so tired even though I didn’t do much of anything during the weekend. Maybe this is just a “back to school syndrome.” After two months of summer vacation(staying at home all the time doing nothing), I’m still adjusting with my new routine and my being a student again.For the last couple of weeks, I never worried about not being able to submit a homework or preparing for exams. And here I am now, on my first two weeks of another semester. So I guess, it’s understandable.

But because we’ll have recitation and probably a quiz in Constitution tomorrow, I think it means I’ll have to set aside my “back-to-school syndrome” and get things done.

Last week, on our first meeting with our professor in Constitution class, he mentioned about giving an iPhone to his student who tops the midterm or final exam. That obviously made everyone’s eyes twinkle in excitement and hope. Who doesn’t love rewards, right? And of course I was very excited myself.

But at this moment, I can’t feel the same excitement and motivation. Of course, I still want to get the reward. I still want to get the highest score even without the iPhone. So I have to force myself to read my notes and study. I think that’s the only option now.

Sometimes, our will is the only thing we have.

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