My Top 5 Goals In College

I’ve always loved writing my plans and goals. I can’t confidently say that when I write it, I do it. But when I do, it’s more probably because I wrote them. Or at least, I feel more accomplished that way.

The following list are my major goals while I’m in college. They are not the type that you scratch on a to-do list though(at least not until graduation day). These are things that I want to do throughout my college life. I hope and will try to be consistent.

Here they are:

1. Learn Better and Get Good Grades

More than good grades, I want to learn more and be good at what I do. My course is IT and programming is the most difficult subject I have encountered so far. Also, I’m not good with designing. So I want to focus on them. But I’m not going to ignore my other subjects.

I know it’s not going to be easy to maintain good grades. It gets more and more difficult as you move to the higher year. But I will always do my best and make myself proud.

2. Be More Productive

I don’t love doing nothing but it’s actually what I do most of the time — aside from browsing the internet asking Google what to do when bored, watching funny videos and memes in Facebook and everything else that is not studying and doing homework. It’s fun doing all these things more especially when I know I have better things to do. Then I’d think, they just don’t seem to get done.

Well, “The best way to get something done is to begin.”

This quote is in the tagline of The Searching Soul blog that I just recently stumbled upon. These past days, I really tried to follow it. I pinned a to-do list on my wall and forced myself to do every single thing. I was surprised I was able to scratch all the items.

As I write this, I’m not worried anymore about the laundry and my messy room.

So if I want good grades, I better apply it in my college life and really get things done this time.

3. Participate more. Ask Questions.

When the instructor says “Any questions?” I just keep quiet even if I do have questions. Sometimes, I ask my seatmate and he or she will raise the question. If not, I’d just think to myself “Well, I’ll just consult Google later.” But more often than not, I’d forget about it.

I’m afraid to ask because I might be the only one who doesn’t know. My classmates might laugh at me and think I’m too stupid.

I know it’s more stupid to not ask. I know I shouldn’t be afraid. Next time, I will raise my hand I promise.

4. Get enough sleep

If I’m pulling up an all nighter, it’s either I’m doing my project that’s due the next day, studying for a major exam that’s on the next day or I’m watching a Korean drama series and putting off all the important things I should be doing instead.

Then it’s that next day. Yes, I’d probably submitted that project and answered the exam. But I’d feel like a zombie, tired, full of regrets and feeling like college is the worst thing in the world. Lack of sleep has a way of making me question all the decisions I’ve made in my life. And I don’t like that.

5. Save

My daily allowance is 100 pesos or more, if I’m lucky. I commute everyday. The fare is 70 pesos back and forth. So that leaves me with 30 pesos. Sometimes, we have papers to photocopy and I also need to eat.

It’s hard to believe I can save with that little money. But it’s not impossible. Sometimes I get surprised that I’m still left with coins when I get home.

I’m also thinking of tutoring or anything I can do to have little income. Last sem, I helped my friends with their project and they paid me. One of my classmates paid me to do a PowerPoint presentation. And I also sold books to my reader friends. I think, it’s not really that hard. It just needs a little skill and determination.

How about you? What are your goals in college? Comment it bellow. 🙂

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