Learning Is More Important Than Passing

It was Tuesday. We had a homework in our IT Fundamentals in which we were given two programming problems and we have to code it on paper. Our instructor told us to pass it. We did.

And the next thing I know, crumpled yellow papers were falling to the floor.

The class fell silent as our instructor continued to pick the papers on the table one by one, read it and make it into a ball.

He didn’t have to shout for us to know he was angry. And why? Because most of the codes are the same.

He said that he gave us that assignment so that we can practice at home, not so one will copy from the internet and everyone can copy from one. And what’s the point of a HOMEWORK if we only do it minutes before class and resort to copying from classmates since there’s no other resources available? He bet we didn’t even understand what we’re copying.

And I bet he’s right. After he returned the remaining papers, he told us that next time you submit your assignments or projects, make sure that you actually learned something. Not just passed something.

That hit home and hard. Many of us are guilty of this. I am guilty of this.

You probably have heard this at least once or said it yourself: “I’ll just copy from insert friend’s name  tomorrow.”

I have heard it many times — from others and myself.

Sometimes, we just pass requirements for compliance, not exerting any effort, not bothering to at least understand what we copied(if we did). For as long as we can show something to our instructors, that’s it. That’s all that matters.

Personally, I care so much about what shows in my transcript of records. I don’t want to see a 5.0. Nobody goes to college to have a failing grade, right? For these many years that I’ve been going to school, that was my main goal. To avoid the dreaded red ink — missing the point in the process.

I’m supposed to go to school to learn and to want to learn. Not to just move to the next level with nice-looking grades I got from staying up all night memorizing every term that might come up in the exams and forgetting it after. I go to school not to kill myself for a good project just so I can say I did something.

There’s more to school than just grades.

That Tuesday will always stick with me. It made me realize that passing doesn’t always mean learning. Yes, good grades will make us happy. But isn’t it more satisfying to see your transcript and have something to show for it?

Have you submitted a requirement before for the sake of its name? Or did you have someone crumpled your homework in front of you?

Share your experience bellow 🙂

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