Why I Choose IT As My Course?

I didn’t have a moment where I was sure of the course I’ll take in college. It wasn’t until fourth year that I actually considered the career paths I might want to pursue. Even then, I was still undecided.

I only had two choices in mind.

Accountancy was on my list probably because that’s what my sister took. After I experienced handling money, I decided I didn’t want to do anything like it.

It left me with my only other option — any course that involved computers. I wasn’t good at them. Before college, my knowledge was no more than Microsoft Office and browsing the internet. Other than that, I only had the interest. Sometimes, I save my allowance for the internet cafe after school. But all I ever did there really was scroll through my Facebook feeds and play FarmVille. Haha

At first, I wanted to take computer engineering. That’s what I put in our yearbook. I thought it was cool to be called “computer engineer”. But I heard about people taking IT more often. So I took it. I honestly didn’t know the difference between these two though. All I know is both can teach me about computers.I wasn’t so confident about my choice. A lot of people say it’s a difficult course.

But well, nothing interests me more. And I didn’t care much about what will happen next. I’m happy with my choice. I enjoy it.

How about you, why did you take the course you’re taking? Do you have deeper reasons?

Share your answer bellow 🙂

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